Barbecue party at the beach

Especially for groups larger than 40 people we have in addition to the restaurant our own exclusive beach house, which you can book for an exclusive barbecue at the beach. And let’s face it… A fun barbecue with your feet in the sand, what more can you wish for? A barbecue Witsand style will be a barbecue you won’t forget. The relaxing atmosphere of the beach, the porch with lounge sofas and French door openings towards the sea are the ideal mix for a successful barbecue at Beach club Witsand.


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Barbecue at the beach

What makes barbecuing at the beach even more fun, is being able to get your own beer, wine or soda from the big sink bowls which you can find in the Beach House. Everything to make the atmosphere even more relaxed!

Beachclub Witsand – The awesome crew!

Young, social, fun, driven and creative. That’s how we describe our beach boys & girls. We’ll make sure you can forget about the rest of the world for a moment. The unique and relaxed atmosphere, together with the undivided personal attention from our boys & girls, will make sure you’ll have a fantastic day.


Beachclub Witsand – Fantastic BBQ food & drinks

The ultimate BBQ-experience: Live Cooking or Live Cooking Deluxe. The salads will be set out on the salad-bar and meat, fish and vegetarian dishes will be prepared live on the BBQ. An additional advantage: You won’t have to wait in line to get your dish, we’ll bring it to your table.

Alongside the BBQ also cold drinks will be served, including beer, wine and soda. It’s up to you which wine you would like to add to your drink selection. Fancy a Gin Tonic? Also, spirits can be added to your drink selection.


Beachclub Witsand – Noordwijk. Unique BBQ at the beach

Are you looking to a unique venue for a BBQ at the beach? Our exclusive Beach House is exactly what you’re looking for!